From Schiphol to Amsterdam Central

The Trains from Schiphol are easy to navigate. The HARD part is trying to use the ticket machines or even finding one! Give yourself plenty of time. Remember that you can buy a ticket at the NS counter.

You can buy a three-day public transport ticket for Amsterdam in the Schiphol Tourist office. Or look at the public transport site for all options. In Amsterdam a public transport ticket for one hour is expensive : 2.90 euro, but you can always buy this ticket inside the tram.

A convenient site for our national public transport:

If you go down the escalator in Schiphol to the train platform do not take the wrong train! Always ask if the train goes to Amsterdam Central.

 I've spoken to a lot of people who went to the east of the Netherlands by mistake.

Be aware of pickpockets; they leave the train with your luggage one second before the doors of the train close…. So do not take your eyes off your luggage!


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