Pointers Amsterdam

If you have special interests beside history during about your visit to Amsterdam, don't hesitate to ask. The best advisor is a local. It is for free :)

Hotels : better trust Tripadvisor
Restaurants : here
Pubs : here
If you need a doctor : here

For books : here 

If you need food, clothes or forgot your razor or bike : here

If you glasses are broken (they are ready the next day!) 

I recommend to book your Anne Frank tickets online here.

Some other history ideas in Amsterdam:


And if you have enough of history:

Saturday morning there is a organic farmers market on Noordermarkt.

Wednesday there is a is a organic farmers market on Haarlemmerplein.

On week days (and Saturday) there is a big street market on the Albert Cuypstraat, there is a lot to see/eat/drink! 

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